Digital Revenue Optimization

How it works

Benza is a software platform based on Artificial Intelligence that allows, in a simple and convenient way, to optimize the content, products and services consumption in your sites.

To do this, we developed a value proposition based on unique personalization algorithms, generating higher sales, conversions and organic content consumption, improving the return of investment in customer acquisition.

Benza optimizes in real time the user experience automatically, through AI and machine learning that empower site personalization for each client individually. Platform efficiency increases constantly, producing better results every time.

How to implement Benza

You just need to implement a 2-line Javascript code on your html

Thanks to a super simple implementation that takes place in a matter of minutes, it is not necessary to have IT dedicated resources (for technical implementation and support), being able to simply focus on your business development, without needing any integration with existing systems and platforms.

You don’t need to modify your site, or add a widget or any special space; we can work with your current design, customizing it.

Pricing model

We charge only when we create an new business opportunity for you, based on a CPL model (Cost per lead)

The price will be an irrelevant % over the total $ of new opportunities Benza will have created for you.

Pricing model was defined to fit business growth needs, where the customer can effectively and undoubtedly verify the results.

Benza is ROI in Digital Revenue Optimization based on AI.

Real time ROI analysis

Results can be followed up in real time thanks to an intuitive user interface that manages the business KPIs in a simple and effective way, allowing to track platform return of investment in real time